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Although our services are generally tailored to each organization’s needs, there are some questions that come up consistently. Read on to find out if we’ve already answered your questions. If you still have an inquiry, please don’t hesitate to call or send us a message - a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

Will I be tied into a long contract?

No, you're not tied into any long contracts.

We operate a 30 day notice period. If you want to stop at any time just let us know and we'll put in place a handover process.

Can you provide me with just a bookkeeper and no-one else?

All of our contracts include as a minimum one day of Finance Business Partner time in your office per month. This time will be used to ensure your processes are set up in the most optmised way possible, to organise our remote team, review their work, and generally act as the point of contact between your organisation and ours.

Accounting is a very information intensive job, and we believe that one full day of face to face contact is the absolute minimum you need to do the job well for a growing business.

We've formed this opinion from our cumulative experience workingfrom working with dozens of startups.

What if I don't need as much support as I thought I did?

At the start of each month we'll provide an invoice for the level of support that we've agreed will be required.

If for whatever reason we don't use all of that time agreed we will issue a credit note for the balance against our next invoice.

If it's our final invoice we will issue a refund.

What if I need more support than we planned?

We work with fast growing businesses and that means that the teams we provide usually grow over time as your operations become more complex.

We'll work with you to identify when more support will be required in the future, so that we can plan ahead for future costs.

If you need more support immediately (for example to cover illness for a new project) we will do our best to find time with the right people in our team. Naturally we cannot guarantee that they will be available to start immediately so it's always helpful to have as much notice as possible.

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