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Islamic Management

Islamic entrepreneurship and business is a topic area of business management study due to the increasingly dynamic international business environment in which culture and religion are important to developing business relationships.

As Muslim, we believe is a perfect practitioner and teacher of effective leadership. That person is Muhammad (S.A.W), who embodied the heart and methods of fully  committed and effective leader.

The main objective of the module is to see the approach of Islam as a religion towards entrepreneurship and business. Utilising recent and relevant literature on the topic, the module is based on the Holy Qur'an verses and the Muhammad's (S.A.W) Hadith (teachings and traditions). In this paper the themes focused on include thee taqwa, halal and haram; knowledge and entrepreneurs; innovativeness and risk-taking, proper usage of resources, financing and Islamic perspectives on ethics and social responsibility. 

We provide recommendations towards your business management based on the Holy Qur'an verses and the Muhammad's (S.A.W) Hadith (teachings and traditions) for business success in life and hereafter.


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