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Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

See beyond the numbers

Going beyond crunching, Our FP&A consultants will translate these numbers into a meaningful story, allowing business owner to really understand how their business performing. Our consultant will also assist to find solution beyond the numbers to address challenges your company grow and move forward.

We will supports your senior management decision making by designing and leading effective financial processes. Analytical financial support is an integral component of sound organizational strategies and is critical for an accurate understanding of a company’s past performance, current situation and future desired outcomes.


Small Businesses Finance departments often don’t have adequate staff to do the necessary financial planning & analysis, and getting  additional headcount is usually challenging. But performing FP&A on a project basis, rather than via a staff position, can allow you to move forward with highest priority items immediately.

Alpharabius consultants are professional accountant, as well as provide expert advice on:

  • Annual budget preparation

  • Revenue and expense analysis and projections

  • Quarterly re-forecasting

  • Capital Expenditure analysis and planning


What’s more, we can help you to strategies with all the resourceful financial and managerial decisions, generated from different angels like accounting, tax and even business sustainability, so that your business can grow and expand with a monumental leap.


Email us at and let us provide the functional expertise and additional resources you need.

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