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Creating Organisation Culture for SMEs

Does it ring a bell? Culture is a word for people's 'way of life', meaning the way they do thing. As many cultures throughout history have found, all society develop routines, habits and practices, which we call the "culture”. As I am sure you know, these cultures can be remarkably different, in terms of what sort of behavior they value and what they don’t like to see, and what they punish. Always, these habits and conventions have been developed over the course of many years. Very often, nobody actually remembers why they were started in the first place. We see this experimented repeated over and over again in society, Cultural pressure to follow what we've always done before, without really understanding the reasons why we follow the actions we do, is quite strong. How many of our structures in society are done in certain ways even though the restrictions on doing them in other ways no longer exist? As culture is passed on to the next generation by learning. Countless choices in human lives are reinforced, driven by from traditions, whether religious traditions, rituals, cultural taboos, or what people learn from elders and their families. True, some of our culture and traditions give us ways to deal and cope with everyday life situation and can often help enhance rather than undermine sustainable life choices.

The story that teaches us this concept was just another example that shows how easy it is to just accept things without question. Maybe we should ask ourselves why we continue to do what we are doing if there is a different way out there.

Organisational culture evolves continuously from interactions with employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community. It is the DNA of the organisation, the way things are done, and it influences every action and interaction.

Organisational culture change shakes up the existing culture and aligns fresh beliefs and behaviours with the vision, values and purpose of the organisation.

Culture Consultancy’s experienced practitioners help organisations to firstly understand their culture and then to map the way towards the creation of a strong culture which will enable the organisation to thrive.

Alpharabius team have experiences in international best practice in culture. Get in touch with us by email to learn more about our culture change management process. Begin evolving your corporate culture today.

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