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Don't Trust Your Business Guru

There is definitely not a shortage of#SocialMediaSelfProclaimedGurus and experts willing to tell you exactly what you should do to achieve results in business.

You could spend every waking moment of your day reading blog posts, peeling back the onion of the best practices from the #BusinessGurus.

There is a hard reality you must understand. You need to quit building your strategy based solely on the advice of #SocialMediaGurus.

Why you ask? Because you need to build your own plan that supports the needs of your customers and your own business goals and objectives. These gurus we are referring to do NOT know your cus

tomers, your business or your goals and objectives.

We all have people we respect, yes — business mentors, guides, professors, colleagues, etc. — but in reality no one really knows anything. Some people might have more background in a certain thing but not everything.

There are good, even great, business consultants, and using them can be very helpful (if I didn’t think that we provided real value to our clients, my partner and I would close our business tomorrow). But when you use a business consultant, don’t automatically assume that they’re smarter than you, or that they know more about your business than you do, or even that their advice is necessarily true.

As you work with any consultant, continue to apply your own common sense, reflect on your own experience, stay fair witness about the benefits of their recommendations.

Be like the one little kid in the story of the Emperors’ new clothes; the only person in the kingdom who was willing to call out, “But mommy, he isn’t wearing any clothes.”

PS: Alpharabius Consultants are not Management/Business gurus but we business problem-solver specialist.

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